Both Dr. DuBeau and Dr. Pasquale referenced Neher’s “One-Minute Preceptor” model in their respective Teaching and Leadership lectures at CRIT 2012.  The model is a solid teaching strategy and is cited frequently in the professional literature. The UMMS Resident as Teacher online module further explains the technique and offers exercises for honing the skills associated with the model. An extensive bibliography and reflective formative test is included as well.

Don’t forget to visit the Portal of Geriatric Online Education (POGOe) – to “discover and use materials developed by leading educators in the field of geriatric medicine and gerontology“.

You may find the Geriatrics Competencies page interesting: In fact, POGOe has featured the UMMS Elder Patient Navigator Program on their home page! Go straight to the home page to see the write-up. (You will have to create a free login account in order to use any materials you find on the site.)

Email Gary Blanchard for specific information about the 2010 program

Check back frequently for updates!


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