FEATURED ACTION PLAN: “Hip Fracture Rules of Engagement” (Xinning “Tiger” Li)

August 12, 2010

Tiger set out this summer to improve the quality of care for older hip fracture patients on both the University and Memorial campuses.  Tiger met with Dr. Christine Donahue, a UMass internal medicine hospitalist with similar interests, and Dr. Mojid Yazdani, the new director of the medicine sub-internship clerkship, to clarify the dual (*not dueling*) roles of orthopedics and medicine in jointly managing hip fracture patients.

Collectively, they brainstormed – and have since implemented – a set of mutually agreed upon rules (“rules of engagement“) for medicine residents, orthopedic residents, and IM hospitalists to follow that they hope will improve the coordination of care for these vulnerable older patients.  Tiger then met with his ortho residents and Dr. Yazdani met with the IM residents to educate both groups about the new protocols for co-management – for instance, the University on-call ortho resident now runs their list every day at 8:15 am with the IM consult resident.  The exact responsibilities of the medicine team and the orthopedic team have also been clarified and agreed upon during co-management.

Explained Tiger: “The system has been working great here at both campuses … I think overall it has improved patient care and also have everyone on the same page.  Definitely this CRIT weekend was worth it for me.”

Please offer any comments/feedback/encouragement to Tiger on his incredibly early and successful efforts in the care of improving hip fracture patients.

Congrats, Tiger!


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